Friday, June 16, 2006

ABC 20-20 has a segment on this topic

ABC "20-20" on June 16, 2006 had a segment on this, "what they don-t want you to know". They presented a young man who reassembled a torn-up credit card application to a bank and got credit in his parents' name -- as an experiment -- and then informed the bank of the security hole.
The websites are and

Of course, this just reinforces my theory that banks are careless about this, and don't check for obvious holes. The suggestion on the blog entries below is intended to get them to.

One wonders why sundering someone's credit report because of sloppy business practices isn't a form of libel.

The 20-20 segment also demoed a laptop that can download info from a speed pass without touching the consumer, and various scams involving ATMs.

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