Thursday, February 16, 2012

NARCA offers CD media presentation, "Avoiding the Debt Trap: What Young Adults Need to Know"

The National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, or NARCA, has a CD called “Avoiding the Debt Trap: What Young Adults Need to Know”.

The CD offers a Power Point presentation of about 50 slides, along with some PDF’s explaining all the concepts.  The CD has an “exe” file that loads a viewer on a computer that doesn’t have PowerPoint.  I watched it on a MacBook with Microsoft Office Mac.

There is am embed of the CD on the main website or NARCA, here

I picked up the CD (free) at a local church in northern Virginia. 

The subject for young adults is important because this population is particularly likely these days to be loaded down with student debt. 

Perhaps NARCA and Suze Orman could produce a short film together on this.

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