Thursday, July 16, 2015

Baltimore's Terbium Labs offers a Lifelock-like service trolling the Dark Web for corporate data breaches

A Baltimore-based startup, associated with Johns Hopkins, can troll the “dark Web” for leaked corporate data for clients, according to a Washington Post story on Thursday, July 16, 2015, p. A15, by Andrew Gregg, link here.

The technology scans the Dark Web for “fingerprints” that match a client’s sensitive data, when being trafficked around.  However, the service appears more likely to be of benefit to large companies (to prevent leaks) and even governments than to small businesses or individuals.  It’s rather like a large company’s version of “Lifelock”.
The company is named after a rare metallic element terbium.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

AOL's Lifelock partnership service

AOL does have a subscription service, which I use – the email is free, but the subscription includes more content, computer anti-virus and firewall protection, and particularly LifeLock identity protection.
I did go ahead and create a “free” account.  It will ask for your credit cards, bank account numbers, addresses, driver’s license, auto insurance policy, phone numbers, and will send an SMS to your mobile phone to start the alert service.
I am probably harder to mimic than a lot of people, with an unusual last name and unusual life history facts that can be verified by any financial institution.  A mortgage company would have to be reckless to let an imitation of me buy a mansion on its dime, but anything is possible.