Sunday, November 18, 2018

Frequent flyer miles being stolen from PII on the Dark Web

Hackers are stealing and selling frequent flyer miles on the Dark Web, according to Experian, in a story here

The details come from a report by Comparitech. 
If miles are stolen, it normally means your PII has been compromised from other sources. 

How many people watch their frequent flyer miles balances?  I don't fly often enough on the same airlines to do this. 
Experian offers searches of the “dark web” (similar to those offered by Reputation Defender in the past) to look for stolen evidence and now evidence of stolen miles.   It’s not yet clear how airlines will respond.  These could complicate TSA security.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Identity theft used for dating scams

WJLA7 last night reported a scam involving the use of stolen identities in dating apps.
I couldn’t find the story last night, but people have found that their identities have been used by others to collect support under false pretenses, where as people sending the financial support have been scammed.

The documentary film “Online Dating Scam” from early 2017 explains how it may happen.

I don’t use dating apps, but Economic Invincibility discusses it on YouTube in his channel in May 2018. I like the metaphor “A little minnow about to be devoured by a shark.”  He thinks that the smartphone has destroyed the older online dating world.