Monday, March 12, 2007

See It Safe is a new service

The New York Times Magazine, Sunday March 11, 2007, p. 24, has an article by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven J. Levitt, "Identity Crisis: When a thief steals your personal data, who really pays?: Counting the Cost of a 'Chargeback'" These two writers are the authors of "Freakonomics."

The mention a service, Sell It Safe, a company startup by Steven Preisner. This service checks consumer information against a huge database of stolen information. Again, this would provide a due diligence steps for banks and credit lenders, a step that ought to be required to protect consumers.

The Netflix film "Maxed Out" that opened this weekend really did not get into the due diligence that out to be required of lenders in identifying customers.

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