Sunday, August 05, 2007

The USPS NCOA form; Selective Service form; WHOIS registration

I’ve shown a few of the forms that show up in any USPS lobby. The most important form is the “Official Mail Forwarding Change of Address Order.” Shown here is the paper cardboard form, but in software terms it is an object, an instance in a class. The “behavior” of filling in and submitting this object is to create a legal record of where a person wants to be contacted if some matter comes up that another party needs to notify him or her of.

Likewise, when someone owns an Internet domain, he or she (if an individual) registers a preferred contact address. This preferably (for reasons of personal security) should not be a residence address but it may be a land mail box address such as those offered by UPS. This ought to be the same as the NCOA address for legal purposes. It is noteworthy that Network Solutions and other companies offer private registration, too, where only the company knows the address but still can reach the owner. The Network Solutions link for this is here:

Note the Selective Service registration form available in all post offices. It says “MEN: 18-25 YEARS: You can handle this: REGISTER: It’s quick and easy. It’s the law." Selective Service mails back a Registration Acknowledgment Card. It does sound sexist, doesn’t. I came of age during the era of the Vietnam draft and student deferments and this has a lot of moral meaning to me.

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