Friday, December 21, 2007

Wall Street Journal still writes about paper and CD shredders

Despite political and technical progress in advancing the idea that lenders should be more careful in advancing credit (to identify the borrowers), The Wall Street Journal, on Thurs. Dec. 20, on p D3 of the “Personal Journal” and “Home and Family” page, has a “Shopping Around” on paper shredders, by Anjali Athavaley. The column is called “Diminutive Countertop Models” and features five models. These are the Aleratac DVD/CD shredder (yup, because people backup their personal data); Aleratac DVD/CD Shredder; Staples Mallmate M3 Shredder; Royal Desktop Crosscut Paper Shredder; Staples Mailmate Junk Mail Shredder.

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