Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Data brokers and state fusion centers: could they help identify consumers getting credits?

State governments have formed “intelligence fusion centers” to share information about possible threats, including (particularly with New York State) identity theft, particularly inasmuch as impersonation represents secondary security threats. A huge variety of sources is included, even car rental records (from tourists).

The Washington Post has a story by Robert O’Harrow Jr. on the front page of April 2, 2008, “Centers Tap into Personal Databases: State Groups Were Formed after 9/11,” link here.

One particularly obscure data broker, Entersect, was discussed. The company is so obscure as not to have a usable home page on the Internet now. The name reminds me of the IMS database concept “Intersection data.”

The question remains, could a system be designed to check across many of these databases so that lenders (mortgages, car dealers, banks with business loans) could more reliably identify applicants?

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