Friday, April 04, 2008

"Ordinary" workplace security problems expose consumers

More incidents or corporate and government breaches seem to come in.

Advance Auto in Roanoke, VA admitted around April1 that information on about 56000 customers was stolen by a hacker. The story appeared on Knoxville TN station WBIR, here.

At NIH, a laptop with the names of patients was stolen from an employee’s car. Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) has audited government agencies and found that few are following required encryption standards yet. AP story is “Patients' Names on Stolen NIH Laptop,” March 24, 2008, link here.
Physical security is becoming increasingly important in workplaces as more people work from home and take work home on laptops.

And on April 2 AP Business Writer Mark Jewell reported that TJX could pay $24 million to Master Card for a security breach, story here.

Workplace security, for both IT professionals and customer service workers, is becoming a real issue.

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