Thursday, August 07, 2008

DC area Bank of America branch, maybe others, hit by hidden camers and skimmers in brazen theft

A brazen scheme to steal information from ATM transactions was discovered by an employee at the Rockville, MD Bank of America branch on Aug. 6. Thieves had installed a skimmer and camera to steal bank account information (including PINs), and may have done so at other banks in Montgomery County, MD. WJLA reported that $60000 had been stolen from accounts. The NBC4 story is here. This incident is one of the most brazen “bricks and mortar” skimming incidents in recent times. Other banks in the region are checking today to make sure this has not happened to them. Both WJLA and NBC4 reported this in the 11 PM news last night in the Washington DC area.

Customers should consider having new cards reissued, with new pins, and verify balances. Customers with online banking should always look at their accounts online frequently, even when out of town (with properly secured connections). It is a good idea for banking customers to ask their banks to place daily limits on ATM withdrawals to prevent massive losses from holdups, and also to place “point-of-sale” limits to prevent fraud.

Bank of America had an incident in 2004 where a printing company owner in Florida had $90000 pilfered.

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Mike said...

Good writing.
Re; Skimming... Police in Glendale, Calif. just made 3 arrests for Skimming. Pull up their website, click, click for excellent video & photos.
Mike Alerich