Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ITRC reports record volume of data breaches in 2008

Almost 450 businesses and government agencies have reported lost of consumer identification data this year 2008. That is what the Identity Theft Resource Center of San Diego (“ITRC”) reports. 127 million consumer records were compromised, but 90 million belonged to one company, retail chain T.J. Maxx. That is more than was reported in all of 2007, and it is still August!

The story by Brian Krebs in the Aug. 26 Washington Post, “Data Breaches Have Replaced Level for all of ’07, Report Finds” is here. In fact, the ITRC press release (dated Aug. 22) is here.

Needless to say, the continual reports of businesses losing consumer data will affect work habits. Employers will have to be much tighter in letting workers take work (whether laptops or even diskettes or printouts) home (probably sign-out procedures) and even in keeping production material around in open spaces at work. The security of Internet connections (including firewalls) for telecommuters will become a bigger issues.

Reporter Brian Krebs is well known for his “Security Fix” blog at The Washington Post.

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