Monday, November 17, 2008

"Future of Privacy Forum" will favor regulating corporate gathering of data on Internet surfers

A group called the Future of Privacy Forum will be headed by former AOL privacy chief Jules Polenetsky, and is getting help from AT&T’s law form, Proskauer Rose, according to a story by Wendy Davis in Media Post Nov. 16, link here. The think tank will develop positions on companies’ tracking consumers surfing habits, suggesting that consumers should have to opt in (as with compensated surveys run by market research companies like Nielsen). Advertisers maintain that they need better data to target their ads because of the recession. However, many people believe that the behavior of these companies jeopardizes the security of consumers and could expose them to identity theft.

The Forum does not appear to have its own website yet.

Kim Hart has a similar story in The Washington Post today, Nov. 17, on p A6 “A New Voice in Online Privacy
Group Wants Tighter Rules for Collecting, Using Consumer Data,” link here.

As I note on my Books blog Nov. 5 with my review, George Washington University law professor Daniel Solove has a new book “Understanding Privacy.”

The best known organization dealing with Internet privacy is the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which was very helpful during the COPA litigation. Note its article today on privacy issues and tracking the flu epidemic.

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