Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Even ink pens have identity security implications!

So now, they’re reminding us of the identity dangers in the bricks and mortar world. Ever had a time in the 70s or 80s when you lost a checkbook, had the account closed and checks reissued “to protect your money?” Nothing new.

Remember the simple ideas like “check protection” in PICTURE clauses in COBOL programs?

A recent television commercial from a company called “uniball” (site) warns that even conventionally signed checks can be forged. The pen manufacturer claims that its technology drives the ink deeper into the check parchment.

We’re back to thinking about check security in the 18th century, before we even had electricity, let alone computers (outside of astrolabes). Heaven help us if we have an era like that again.

Picture: A high school paper chemistry test, Dec 1960. In those days we computed with slide rules. (Teachers: go ahead an use the questions if you like!)

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