Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Texas school district has a major leak in employee personal information security

A “leak” from a major Texas school district has become the latest embarrassing source of employer-related identity theft. Over 50 employees (including teachers) and relatives of the Irving Independent School District were compromised, as police found after a woman tried to open a Sears account in the name of an elementary school teacher. The woman apparently had social security numbers and other personal information of many other employers and family members. It appears so far that the information could have been stolen from dumpster diving or printed materials, and not through the Internet or computer applications.

The story appeared in the Dallas Morning News Feb. 4, authored by Katherine Leal Unmuth of the paper, link here.

Irving is one of the “mid-cities” between Dallas and Ft. Worth, along highway 183. Texas Stadium, until now the home of the Dallas Cowboys, is located there.

It’s good to see that Sears was apparently diligent alert enough to catch the problem. I did a lot of my shopping there (even personal computers) when I lived in Dallas in the 1980s.

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