Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Credit card lists, names and addresses seem to float freely (and fall freely) in cyberspace

Tracy Coenen has an interesting story on AOL Walletpop, “What’s several thousand credit card numbers between friends?” The link is here.

The story relates the lists of credit card numbers, names, addresses and other personal information that floats around in cyber space. For a small fee, several companies (such as Intellius) will sell the low-down on anyone (say, a “culprit” in the recent financial collapse). From that point, there is only imagination.

Of course, it’s true that the Internet has made the younger generation (probably most people 70 and younger if computer literate and comfortable with the Web and maybe with P2P) perceive “privacy” a little different. As I noted on my main blog yesterday, “privacy” and “personal autonomy” are by no means the same things, but a lot of people behave as if they were.

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