Monday, March 09, 2009

Examiner reports enormous increase in Internet identity theft in DC area

Bill Myers has a front page (and p 4) story in the Monday March 9, 2009 DC Examiner “Identity Theft swells in the District, nation as economy plummets,” here. The report came from the Federal Trade Commission’s “Consumer Sentinel Network” here.

An Examiner employee results that her bank account was hacked.

Another local person had her social security number stolen from a pharmacy and used to purchase thousands of dollars of goods in Texas.

Creditors and stores are still unable to identity new credit consumers properly, even as lending activity decreases.

The president’s Economic Stimulus package ought to have included plans to provide a “due diligence” system for lenders as has been described on these blogs. That could put some “old” mainframe programmers back to work!

The Federal Trade Commission has also issued a humorous report making the point that is the only authorized site for the legally driven free credit reports (link).

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