Monday, April 13, 2009

Caller-ID spoofing, "open to the public," has become a new ID theft trick

Elisabeth Leamy has a major report on ABC News, broadcast this evening on ABC “World News Tonight” (Monday April 13) that identity thieves have been “spoofing” Caller-ID systems and imitating banks, trying to get personal information. The "bank" calls, with both the number and voice spoofed, and tells you that you account is compromised and seeks personal information.

The practice undermines a major security assumption by banks, that they never email customers and that phone calls (up until now) would have been presumed to be "legitimate".

The story title is “Crooks Trick Your Caller ID for Identity Theft: Spoofing Services Let Users Alter Caller ID; Learn How to Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Phone Scams,” link here.

Companies have been set up to allow customers to change the number they seem to be calling from. The main legitimate use of such services is to help people calling from homeless shelters or battered women’s shelters find jobs and housing.

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