Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scammers find new ways to misuse social networking sites

It seems that social networking sites are attracting more schemes attempting identity theft.

Today NBC-Washington reported that overseas hackers were employing workers for pennies an hour to answer captchas to create fake Facebook and Myspace accounts for phishing attacks. Also, other researchers have reported computer algorithms for guessing captchas to create fake accounts, defeating their purpose. The story was not immediately available online at NBC, but the Tennessean has an article April 23 by Acohido from USA Today, “Crooks’ bots swarm Facebook, Myspace” link here. (I couldn’t find ht e USA Today link).

MSNBC’s “Red Tape” file has a story by Bob Sullivan, Jan. 30, 2009, “Facebook ID Theft Targets ‘Frieds’”, link here, which describes a new kind of “Nigerian scam” based on manipulating social networking sites’ friends lists.

Picture: (no relation to news story): EarthDay concert, Washington, April 19.

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