Thursday, April 02, 2009

Some married or divorced women may be more likely to become victims of id theft

Seamus McAfee from “” (I don’t know if the last name is related o the McAfee anti-virus company) has an article published in AOL Walletpop, “Are you a likely victim of ID Theft”? The most likely victims seem to be married women of divorcees with incomes of greater than $75000 a year. The study was conducted by Nationwide Insurance. In a difficult economy, a significant portion of the victims suffered real financial loss from which they did not fully recover, including damage to their credit scores and inability to keep up with bills.

Credit card fraud is easier to combat than debit card heists, or bank account losses, or fraudulent loans taken out in one’s name.

In some cultures, married women may be less prepared to manage their own affairs safely and independently than men or single women.

The 2004 Lifetime film “The Michelle Brown Story” shows a loan processor stealing the identity of a rich person whose loan she processed.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Site is here and seems to have been redesigned.

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