Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's all to easy to eavesdrop on cell phones -- how to protect yourself? Local TV station reports

Reporter Ross McLaughlin from WJLA-7 (an ABC affiliate in Washington DC and Arlington VA) demonstrated today (on the local news) how cell phone spying can take place, of both conversations carried on near the phone, and of texting, even when the machine is turned off, if the phone has been infected with certain spyware. The link with the transcript of the report is here.

It was not completely clear from the report how the user can protect herself, other than by keeping the phone physically secure and being prudent about what Internet sites are visited. Symptoms would include increased minutes used and more rapid draining of a battery. It is prudent to check your wireless account online periodically, just as it is prudent to check bank accounts.

Link to the blog on the report. That indicates that usually the spyware would be installed when the phone is out of your possession.

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