Friday, May 08, 2009

Virginia prescription monitoring site hacked, could compromise identity of most Virginians

On May 3, the site Wikileaks reported that secure state government website of the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program had been breached and a ransom demand had been placed on the site, based on over 8 million patient records and 35 million prescriptions. Possibly any resident of the Commonwealth using a prescription could have his personal information taken.

The report is here.

The site is and on Friday morning (May 8) it was still timing out.

The FBI and Virginia State Police are investigating. The story has appeared on Washington and Richmond television stations and in the Washington Post (written by Brian Krebs and Anita Kumar) here Friday May 8.

My own reaction is, keep watching my own financial information online. Log in and check it frequently. Get a free credit report at least once a year, or maybe more frequently. Currently I have two Medicare prescriptions, which could have been disclosed.

In another story of where hackers compromised consumer information on a government-related site, Chloe Albanesius of PCMag reports "Hackers Obtain 160,000 Records from U.C. Berkeley", May 8, link here.

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