Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AOL offers ten basic tips for identity protection: No. 1 is watch what you put online to idenfity yourself; and watch the trash

Lisa Rogak, of, has an entry on AOL walletpop today (Wednesday June 17) of “10 Things to Know About Identity Theft,” link here.

The main tip is not to give out a birthdate or home address or land home phone on any public website, including social networking sites, profiles, and online resumes. Use a UPS mailbox. If you have an Internet domain, do the same (private registration is even safer). Remember, however, that there are companies that sell unlisted information about people in low cost reports, probably barely within what my own Congressman (Moran, D-VA) says is “legally permissible.”

The advice considers the physical world of paper as dangerous, more so, than the Internet. Checkout counters and restaurants. Apparently a credit card number can sometimes lead to the whole identity being used.

An important defense is computer literacy: frequent inspection of online accounts. Get your money into well-managed and secure accounts (trusts are even safer) that you can check.. Computer and security literacy is particularly important for people who have to travel for work or family reasons.

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