Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surprise mini-Miranda goes to "dead air"; Government websites tracking cookies could compromise privacy

Well, guess what. I got a phonecall with a bad connection and the beginnings of a mini-Miranda when the call dropped into “dead air”. So I checked my credit reports on freecreditreport.com (the fish sticks guy) and found no problems, so I think it is a small medical bill that the hospital center sent to the wrong Medicare supplementary insurance carrier. Yes, the provider did not get paid, and I will get a call from a collection agency. I used to work as a debt collector (though not in medical – they say “you used the services”). I know how it works. I will get a call from a collector. It’s up to Virginia Hospital Center to fix it (or eat the cost).

But I think there are ways for phony accounts to get set up that wind up in collections but don’t even hit your three credit reports. It’s unusual, but there are technical loopholes that let it happen.

Today the Washington Post had a major story about tracking cookies and government websites., by Spencer S. Hsu and Cecillia King, “Obama Web-Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears”, link here. This whole fiasco started with Obama’s own video website and the rigging of the video application. No,really I don’t think that this will lead to identity theft, but after what just happened today I start to wonder.

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