Monday, October 05, 2009

Hotel peep-hole case involving filming Erin Andrews raises questions about identity security in hotels for everyone

USA Today has a feature “Hotel Check: A road warrior’s guide to a changing landscape”, and it’s not exactly a replay of the classic movie “Grand Hotel”. Or maybe it is, in the official story “ESPN's Erin Andrews filmed through tampered peephole at Marriott Nashville hotel”, link here.

For this column, the lesson is that physical hotel security could be an important issue in personal identity security protection. Many hotels offer connecting rooms (my parents used to rent them all the time for me when I was growing up), and these offer opportunities for spying through peepholes or other devices (the witty Sony Screen Gems flick “Vacancy” (2007), dir. Antal Nimrod, offers an entertaining object lesson). The alleged activities of salesman David Barrett, as detailed in media reports, do blow the mind as to the extent that a stalker will go – and then, the alleged perpetrator thought that this sort of activity is necessary and sufficient for making money on the Internet.

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