Saturday, December 19, 2009

Homeland Security delays RealID requirementsm

States will have until 2011 to comply with federal RealID requirements, according to a Washington Post story Saturday Dec. 19 by Spencer Hsu. Now states will have until May 11, 2011 to comply with RealID requirements in issuing drivers’ licenses and public safety ID cards (instead of Dec 31, 2009). The link for the story is here.

RealID is touted as a major enhancement of travel security (airports and probably trains and even transit systems in the future). However, the concept is similar to a proposal advanced here to build an NCOA database as a repository for due diligence checks to make impersonation of people much more difficult. It would be possible to combine the two plans.

Moderately well known people (even bloggers or self-published writers), especially with unusual names in less common languages or uncommon spellings, are probably harder to impersonate even as things are now.

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