Monday, January 04, 2010

TSA no-fly list could be tied to an NCOA-based identity protection system

Justin Florence has an article in the Jan. 4 Washington Post , “A Better No-Fly List”, that does link to the problem of identity protection. The link is here.

The article suggests a way for people mistakenly singled out by the list to appeal, with an in-person procedure where TSA employees could check identities more carefully on a system not connected to the Internet (and probably an old-fashioned mainframe system with mainframe security, starting with RACF). There also could be an appeals procedure, but who should pay the cost of attorneys is a good question when an innocent person is wrongly singled out. Similar names will be a reason for mis-identifications.

Of course, so could identity theft. It makes sense that such a system could tie in to NCOA verifications that I suggested on Sept. 25, 2006 on this blog.

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