Sunday, February 07, 2010

Be wary of check processing job scams!

MSN/Dell is warning the public about “payment processing” job scams where the “home worker” deposits a fraudulent check to the bank, takes a commission, and then wires money to the “employer”. For a short period of time, the bank is required to honor the amount, so this scheme has become an attractive scam, attracting people looking for work. The link is here.

Kathryn Reynolds Lewis (MSN Money) has the story “Cash a check, maybe go to jail: Did you get conned into joining a check-cashing scam? Even if authorities decide you're an innocent victim, you could find yourself owing a bank thousands of dollars.”

In a few cases, check processors have been threatened with prosecution, which would be possible if they knew that it was a fraud or should reasonably have known. They will wind up with liability for the money and could have their accounts frozen.

Some of these jobs have been offered on Craigslist.

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