Saturday, March 13, 2010

Phone scams can phish for personal info was well as Internet emails

While we hear a lot these days about phishing (and we have heard a lot about this for years), there may be an older, low-tech scheme to watch: phone phishing.

Yesterday I got a call (on a landline, even) from someone who claimed to be from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and who claimed that the FTC was “managing” a sweepstakes or lottery winning, and that I had won an improbable sum. I haven’t even played a lottery or sweepstakes within recent memory, and the FTC doesn’t give out winnings. This sounds like an old-fashioned ploy for personal information. I hung up.

Remember how security was in the old bricks and mortar world? People didn't worry about it much in the suburbs until perhaps the late 1970s.

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