Saturday, April 10, 2010

Debt collection for medical/dental bill leads to house foreclosure

Here is a curious sidebar story by Michelle Diament in the April 2010 AARP Bulletin, p. 6, about the work of some debt collectors. It’s “what an outrage: dental bill puts bite on homeowner,” link (web url) here

A woman lost track of a partially ubpaid dental bill in Utah. She says she never received the bill. It went into collections, was escalated to a collection agency’s litigation subsidiary, and eventually a sheriff ordered her house sold for about $1500 to pay the debt. She paid the buyer, Jarmaccc Properties LLC, the $1500 but cannot get the title back.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone investigate the judge? That is where I would start with this.

Bill Boushka said...

Great point. I used to work in collections. But I never heard of a case like this.