Monday, June 14, 2010

Last night and weekend phishing from "banks" increases; oil spill compensation phishes sent

Well, when you get multiple notices from your bank that your account access is suspended, and they were sent around 1 AM on a Sunday morning, you really know it’s phishing.

I’ve never seen so many phishing attempts sent to me over a weekend and in wee morning hours as this past weekend, from several different “banks” (some of which I do not have accounts with) as well as Paypal. I even got a couple of phishes offering me compensation from the oil spill, and I live in Virginia, in an inland area, far away from water, on higher land.

Also I’ve noticed a number of attempts to send comments in Chinese with multiple links to my blogs, apparently by mass attempts to get around the captchas required for sign ins. I get one or two of these to reject every day.

The spammers are as busy as ever, and most of them seem to be overseas, maybe in China and Russia. (If you pass your mouse over an embedded link in a phish, often it's a server in China.)   Is the Chinese government still involved in hacks?

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