Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Russia looks the other way on credit card and DOS hackers; harassment of consumers seems like part of its strategy

Andrew E. Kramer has an important story about the arrest in France of Russian hacker Vladislav A. Horohorin (“BadB”) on or partly on a warrant from the US Secret Service for stolen credit card numbers, with possible extradition to the US. The story is titled “Hacker’s arrest offers peek at crime in Russia”, with link here.  The US Justice Department has a statement on the arrest here.

The Times story explains why Russia tends not to arrest and prosecute hackers who have been publicly identified: that is, because the activity seems to fit into Russian national strategy, particularly to stifle dissidence, sometimes disrupting the operation of Facebook and Twitter with denial of service attacks against specific marks, as well as to disrupt commerce of competitors to Russian business.

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