Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AOL warns of new perilts to identity security; watch for impersonation on Twitter and Facebook

AOL has struck again (and not with an April Fools probe of Jupiter once invented by Steve Case). It has a lead story “Imposters and the art of Identity Theft” again today. Here’s their link.

The focus today is on impersonation on the web, both on Facebook and Twitter, or celebrities, and of non-celebrities (and in these days of self-display, it’s hard to tell the difference). A few states are trying to outlaw the practice. And be wary of friend requests from “Brad Pitt”, etc. (Oh, I liked Babel, too.) Of course, make sure you don't get impersonated.

Another thing to watch for is using debit cards in card readers at gas stations. Hackers have gotten to these in data transfer.

The rest of the advice in the article is pretty standard.

Whatever accounts you have online, check them frequently. That can be a bit of a problem if you have to travel a lot (especially internationally), and your employer doesn’t let you use a work laptop for personal purposes. You should consider carrying your own laptop, too, so you can keep up with everything. Handhelds and mobiles are getting better at this all the time.

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