Sunday, September 26, 2010

"First Life" identity security lessons

Just a little more wisdom about “physical world” security. Today, I parked my car near a scenic overlook in West Virginia, and the hike to the view took much longer than expected. I left a sheet of paper out in plain sight with potentially some business matters I really wouldn’t want others to see. It was still there when I cam back, but it’s good to remember that some “identity” problems come from carelessness in the physical (pre-Internet) world (“First Life”), too.

Another visitor left his lights on, I thought as the family left a van in a handicapped space, and I said so, and the man said, “Oh, they turn themselves off. I think they will.” They did, after the family walked down the trail, just as I was leaving. What if they hadn’t? Wouldn’t want to get stuck in the boonies with a car that doesn’t start.

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