Friday, October 22, 2010

"Annual Credit Report" has some changes this time; including an id security score from TU

Yesterday, I pulled up my annual free reports at “” (not “free credit report).

Experian charged $7.95 for a Vantage score (max 990) Equifax charged for a FICO score (max 850). Trans Union offered a free Vantage score for a one week trial, followed by a $14.95 subscription for monitoring,

Trans Union also offered an identity theft risk assessment, where low 200’s was low risk.

Only Equifax specifically offered a line on public records (none) this time, as far as I could see. It would be important to make sure there were no default judgments against oneself, which could happen because of identity theft.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Does one late payment really lower your credit score? It can happen to anybody

Last week, I noticed a past due on one of my credit cards. I thought I had checked it in time, and that there had been $0 due. But at least there was no penalty ($39 normally), just about $1.50 in interest. I immediately paid it online.

I don’t know if this oversight will affect my credit scores, but I found an article by Don Taylor on Bankrate ("Ask Dr. Don") about the issue, (website url) here.  Actually, what we call FICO is FICO with Experian (aka TRW/Chilton), Beacon with Equifax (aka CBI), and Emperica with Trans Union.

Taylor also discusses whether inquiries can affect your score. It does seem as though I dodged the bullet, this time.