Monday, June 06, 2011

USA Today presents debate on credit bureau ability to fix errors

USA Today has a view-opposing counterpoint on its editorial page today. “Our view” (of the paper) is “Credit reports stacked against consumers”, and the opposing view is “Credit report data show few errors”, by Stuart K. Pratt, reporting an unfixed error rate of about 5%.  The entire comparison can be accessed online here.  

I have not encountered any problems except some mixup with my parents.

So far, my only experience with unauthorized charges happened way back in 1995, with unauthorized phone charges from Canada from AT&T on my Merrill Lynch Visa. 

I worked for Chilton Credit Reporting in Dallas in the 1980s. It was acquired by TRW in 1989, and later the entire operation was spun off as Experian, one of the three major companies, much of it in the northern Dallas suburbs.

Last picture: I used to work there (as a debt collector) in 2003.