Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Woman impersonated on Craigslist; a Section 230 issue?

The Today Show on NBC has reported that a mother of 3 was set up by a “prank” by her ex-husband’s new wife, who put up “adult ads” on Craigslist in her name.  (Craigslist had supposed "toned itself down" after the Massachusetts tragedy.)

The Huffington Post also reported the story on AOL here

The woman began receiving uninvited visits from strangers at her home, which would put her and her children at risk for crime.

The woman who perpetrated the prank was arrested.  Astonishingly, she runs a day care center and takes care of children. The incident is reported to have occurred in Bradenton, FL.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to protect themselves from impersonation on the Web, it seems, which is one reason why Section 230 protections of the 1996 Telecommunications Act come under more criticism.