Monday, December 26, 2011

Hackers penetrate Stratfor, pilfer consumer accounts; are the banks liable?

The hacking movement called “Anonymous”, connected to Julian Assange, claims to have played Robin Hood by stealing credit card, debit card and other personal information from a US security think tank, Stratfor. The money pilfered from these accounts was then given to some charities like Save the Children, but obviously the charities will have to return the funds.  Will the banks affected (with debit cards) have to make up the difference?

The Business Week story is here

Stratfor Global Intelligence now says that its site is “undergoing maintenance”, link here
Supposedly Statfor had not encrypted the information. 
The latest, from TGDaily, (link) is that Anonymous denies the attack. 
Here’s Stratfor video on YouTube (34 min, on month old) with Robert Kaplan and George Friedman, on China’s dominance.  

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