Thursday, December 08, 2011

Using NCOA as part of a scheme to stop fraudulent accounts could help USPS revenue and budget situation

The United States Post Office is announcing big budget cuts, with longer delivery times and probably suspension of Saturday and maybe Tuesday deliveries.  The USPS says it is totally self-supported, not by taxes. 

It would seem to me, then, that to use NCOA as a plan to buttress identification of people to prevent fraudulent accounts from being created  (Sept. 25, 2006), could help add revenue to the USPS, which it badly needs. 

There has been talk that Facebook’s strict policy on using real names is motivated by the idea of using the site as a de facto standard of online identity, maybe a real future revenue-generating opportunity for the company.  If so, it would seem that it’s conceivable it could be brought in as a partner in a way of preventing fraudulent accounts. 

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