Friday, January 06, 2012

Business Insider gives five tips to protect your identity; consider "smart card" technology for credit cards, and "Bill Guard"

Business Insider has a useful post, “5 Minute Tips to Keep Your Identify from Being Hijacked” (by Justine Rivero), and there indeed are five of them.

I don’t do sensitive business on my two-year-old Blackberry (but contract renewal comes soon), but it seems existing numbers in the cache could be stolen.

The smart card technology for credit and especially debit cards sounds like a good idea.  No bank has offered it yet to me. I expect to hear from Wells Fargo and Bank of America soon on this. 

Placing a daily limit on maximum withdrawals would limit the damage or exposure to carjackings and muggings at ATM’s.

For travel, a secure MiFi card (like Verizon’s) is safer than using public WiFi.  I find the card very reliable in 95% of the country.  But use of https should also provide protection.

Note the mention of the WPA2 security protocol.

Webroot tweeted this link today, here.

You could consider a service like BillGuard, link here 

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