Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maryland Piedmont town has identity theft outbreak

Several media outlets report an epidemic of identity theft on one street in the town of Urbana, MD, near Frederick, MD, a couple miles off of I-270, as in this Gazette story

There is some suspicion that the thefts are happening in the physical world first, with mail boxes, although someone could have hacked town or county computers.
Station WJLA has a story by Horace Holmes, here.  The broadcast story identified the town, but the online story doesn't. 

It's pretty hard to believe that the scam could go on much longer.  Crooks have opened new accounts for "dopplegangers", but Visa and Master Card have very sophisticated fraud tracing systems, one of them (apparently near Dallas) recently shown in a Nightly News broadcast.  Employees are not allowed to have their own cell phones in the facility. 

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