Thursday, June 14, 2012

To reiterate: use NCOA to prevent "duplicate people" from being created without the "original's" knowledge

Recent media reports have focused on identity theft of minors, with perhaps 10% of all people under 18 affected at some point.

Criminals get social security numbers from a variety of sources (including medical, despite HIPAA) and create fraudulent accounts, which then show up on the people’s credit reports without their knowledge until checked. 

Sometimes young people don’t find out they have a problem until they are young adults and try to get apartments.

Again, I still think there is a solution:  associate with each financial obligation for an individual an address (it could be a street address, mail box, even Internet) confirmed by a third party government system such as USPS’s NCOA.  Then there is no way an account can be created in someone’s name without the person (or parents) being notified through that address.

This idea would, however, give the federal government a little more information, and some privacy advocates on the libertarian side will object.

Again, see Sept. 25, 2006 on this blog.

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