Tuesday, August 28, 2012

USPS provides guidance on NCOA

The United States Postal Service now hands out a card explaining how to use NCOA (National Change of Address) online.  The instructions include the use of a credit card to verity identity, and the receipt of a confirmatory email (much like a password reset email with link).

That’s good as far as it goes;  what I have proposed before (Sept. 25, 2006) was the idea that every financial product or loan application be checked against an off-line database, which could be NCOA on a mainframe, in order to verity that the consumer will actually receive billing notices and know that an account was taken out. 

I already missed a legitimate account (if cheesy) from an airline recently; the first bill never arrived.  I paid if off; soon I’ll check my credit score to assess the “damage”.  

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