Monday, December 24, 2012

A new robo-call scam offers unbelievable prizes for personal information

I got three garbled  robo-call messages on my landline (Comcast digital voice) message box this weekend, purporting to come from “Green Dot Money Pack” and claiming that my mother (deceased) had won a $10 million prize and a black Mercedes sedan. Now, I don’t buy lottery tickets or enter sweepstakes, and neither did my mother when she was alive (until the end of 2010). So I know this has to be a scam.

I got three such messages, each taking about ten minutes to play, repeating the same contents, asking to press a button to verify a time I would be home (that sounds suspicious, doesn’t it).

I haven’t noticed this scam online in a phishing email. Maybe it’s in my spam folder.

Presumably, the caller wanted “Mother” to call back and give personal  (and bank account) information to process the “prize”. 

For what it’s worth, the message even listed a call back number of 866-963-6205.

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