Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Department stores prod customers with unnecessary credit cards for discounts

Well, yesterday I bought some dress shoes at a Macy’s in a shopping mall (might actually need them again), and the clerk said I could get a 20% discount with a Macy’s visa card.  I said I didn’t need any more credit cards, but was talked into applying for one anyway. 

Down goes my FICO credit score a few points.

I had to talk on the phone with someone, explaining trust income, and how I “rent” my house. 

I wound up with a 10% discount (I don’t know if something went wrong with the credit).
Companies keep prodding to get more cards.  You saw what happened with the USAirways card – an $89 annual fee, and then they discontinued it when I hadn’t used it or traveled in time (see Nov. 23, 2012 posting).

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