Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Mills" producing fake ID cards proliferate, challenging police

Pamela Brown has a story for WJLA-7 in Washington DC about “mills” that churn out “Argo” fake ID’s (particularly drivers’ licenses) in Washington DC.

It’s always possible for law enforcement to look for specially hidden print or holographics to detect fakes.
People use them to get into bars illegally (this happens a lot) and sometimes might be able to get away with them to get green cards or go to work illegally.

Home printing and duplicating technology (as well as various rogue software programs) have tempted more people into this sort of “industry”.  An episode of the WB show “Everwood” had been predicated on this idea back in 2003.  And one of my screenplays exploits this idea.  A teen, trying to get a substitute teacher to learn to use P2P, sends the teacher the software, and its presence on his own computer at home implicates him, and important plot point in the movie.  

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