Friday, January 11, 2013

Whatr? Use my discount card for somebody else's cigarettes?

Today, as I stood second in line at a Rite-Aid store at the cash register, the clerk asked me for my “wellness card” so that the customer in line ahead of me could get a discount for a cigarette purchase.

No, I don’t think I’m at serious risk of identity theft from the incident.  But it’s wrong to ask one person to participate in another’s purchase of a product (however legal) that he does not approve of.  And now, that purchase is on my “record”.  I don’t think it is likely to be abused, but the idea that there is an electronic record of a cigarette purchase by me that did not happen is disturbing.

I suppose the CVS automatic checkout lines have a lot to say for themselves (although sometimes they don’t work).

Oh, yes, men, cigarette smoking can make you go bald on the legs. The "wellness" here sounds like an oxymoron. 

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