Monday, March 18, 2013

Debt collectors don't like (temporarily) interest-free cards

I stumbled (literally) upon this article on “How Life Works”  on how to pay zero interest on credit cards until 2014, here  (it was written in 2011).
It talks about new interest free cards, that got created when banks were no longer allowed to jack up interest rates retroactively, resulting in higher credit card rates for “everyone” (as Facebook sees it).
Maybe this is too late already.  Dent collectors don’t like this innovation, as it cuts down on their “business”.  I remember my own days from 2013.  

The idea of "urgency" in debt collection (and use of Western Union services) seems to get weaker all the time.  

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Comcast landline digital phone can flash calls on TV, enabling you to skip checking robo calls and scams

Comcast Xfinity has started a nice service.  When I get a call on my landline and am watching cable on the new box (upstairs), it flashes the number and first name of the caller.

So now I know in advance if it is one of these calls claiming that I have won a Lincoln Continental, a cruise (who wants one anyway?) or a million dollars in cash, when I haven’t entered anything (posting Dec. 24, 2012).

Even without smartphone technology, it's pretty easy to tell from the number if a call is a robo call or from a phone bank. 

Of course, if you have guests, you might not want visitors to see who is calling you.

The boxes behave differently; recently Comcast changed the software to make them go to sleep at night. 
You don’t pay for unsolicited land calls, like you do on cell.  I haven’t had too many, or too many texts, but it’s easy for that to get out of hand, even if my “identity” is correct.