Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Comcast landline digital phone can flash calls on TV, enabling you to skip checking robo calls and scams

Comcast Xfinity has started a nice service.  When I get a call on my landline and am watching cable on the new box (upstairs), it flashes the number and first name of the caller.

So now I know in advance if it is one of these calls claiming that I have won a Lincoln Continental, a cruise (who wants one anyway?) or a million dollars in cash, when I haven’t entered anything (posting Dec. 24, 2012).

Even without smartphone technology, it's pretty easy to tell from the number if a call is a robo call or from a phone bank. 

Of course, if you have guests, you might not want visitors to see who is calling you.

The boxes behave differently; recently Comcast changed the software to make them go to sleep at night. 
You don’t pay for unsolicited land calls, like you do on cell.  I haven’t had too many, or too many texts, but it’s easy for that to get out of hand, even if my “identity” is correct. 

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