Friday, August 09, 2013

Crooks using Caller-ID to spoof police, threaten people into emptying bank accounts

USA Today is reporting on a scam where crooks call people and demand payments for supposed debts and manipulate caller-ID by hacking to make it appear that police are calling.

Steph Solis has a story Friday August 9 2013, and Byron Acohido has a related story online, March 15, where caller-ID spoofers try also to get directly into bank accounts, link here
The problem may be confused with abuses by the debt collection industry, but this takes “collection” to a new low, probably for money that isn’t even owed.

Callers make repeated calls and claim to have bench warrants, and recipients may fear police.  The proper procedure should be to call the daytime non-emergency number for a local police department, which will deny that the call is theirs and then investigate. 

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