Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bank branch move jeopardizes safe deposit box security

Recently I noted that my Bank of America branch in Arlington VA was moving.  I went inside yesterday to check on the safe-deposit box, and was told that the box was supposed to be closed Nov. 8. 
The Bank will have boxes in the new facility, as the move happens over the weekend, but in the meantime did not really have a solution for consumers to secure their papers and valuables should they be away.  They did not have enough available boxes in nearby branches. 
They said they had sent out a letter, so maybe I should have opened the mail.  I get too much junk that is meaningless.  They did have a wrong phone number.  Maybe they did have boxes for the people who closed up in time. “Would’a Could’a Should’a”.
I got a box immediately at a nearby Wells Fargo branch and moved everything. The point is that a safe-deposit box is part of someone’s home and personal security strategy.  It needs to be there all the time, and not suddenly closed. 
What did happen is that the landlord for the building did not want to renew the lease and forced the bank to move two blocks away.   But customers are chased out and possibly put in jeopardy.

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